ADR recording for French film "Le Dindon"


The French comedy film Le Dindon (The Turkey) is in the final stages of post-production, and Dubway has been proud to host some of that work.  Le Dindon is an adaptation of a 1951 French film of the same name, itself an adaptation of a 19th century play by the early vaudevillian playwright Georges Feydeau, and stars Jessica Sherman, Holt McCallany, Dany Boon, and Alice Pol.  Jessica Sherman was in-studio for the day, doing lines and additional voice acting remotely with the directorial team in Paris, with Dubway engineer Keenan DuBois handling the recording.

Le Dindon is hilariously funny, gorgeously shot, and is currently scheduled for a 2019 theatrical release in France (it may screen in select US theaters) – stay tuned!