"Baby Won't You Please Come Home" selected by Omeleto

Shortfilm YouTube curation platform Omeleto will be hosting Chris Piazza’s award-winning short Baby Won’t You Please Come Home, and we’re excited to announce the the release date is tomorrow morning (9/9)! The channel is a short film curator that features shorts from top festivals, including Cannes and Sundance. If you weren’t able to catch it at the festivals this year, now’s the chance.

If it’s your first time hearing about the film, or you would like to learn more about it and our involvement in it, here’s our previous write up. We can’t wait to see it next week!

"Baby Won't You Please Come Home" is a short film starring Michelle Hurst ("Orange is the New Black, "Frances Ha") and Melanie Nicholls-King ("The Wire," "Orphan Black"). Written and directed by Christopher Piazza.

Devin Haqq's "The Mark" wraps post-production at Dubway

Devin E. Haqq – actor, director, producer, and writer for both stage and screen – has finalized post-production on his upcoming feature The Mark with Dubway engineer Louis Fisher behind the boards. The final mixes are in stereo and 5.1 for theatrical release, and were completed with Devin, who wrote, produced, and directed the film, in the studio alongside Louis for the final edit.

The Mark is a psychological horror film set in NYC, and stars Catherine Curtin (Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black), Kana Hatakeyama (Orange is the New Black), and Maho Honda (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Maniac). Take a look at this film and some of Devin’s previous projects here, and be sure to see it when it comes out!

Jeremy Sklar's "The Tom Of Your Life" records finishing ADR


Filmmaker, producer, and writer Jeremy Sklar’s upcoming project The Tom Of Your Life recently recorded some of their final ADR with NYC actress Baize Buzan. The recording was directed remotely by Jeremy via Skype, with Baize in the studio alongside Dubway engineer Zac Suskevich. The remote connection was sync’d on site such that Jeremy could direct and comment on Baize’s performance, alongside the production footage of the scene, over a Skype connection – a service we typically provide for Skype-based ADR sessions.

The film doesn’t yet have its final release date, but you can track its process towards theaters and festivals on the IMDB page listed above. Best of luck to Jeremy!

Comedian Nick Vatterott records live set on location with Dubway

We were recently on-location with New York comedian Nick Vatterott (The Comedy Show Show, RVC: The Lone Shopper Network) to record his standup routine at a comedy club in the city in front of a live audience.

The recording was handled by Dubway’s primary location audio mixer/recorder, Zac Suskevich, and will be incorporated with other footage/audio as part of a standup special slated for release later this year.

You can follow Nick’s antics on twitter (link above), and stay tuned for the release of his upcoming special! We’ll be looking forward to seeing how the whole set turns out.

Kathleen Turner records interview with crooked.com

Violette and Kathleen Turner after the interview, in matching New York outfits at our downtown studio lobby.

Violette and Kathleen Turner after the interview, in matching New York outfits at our downtown studio lobby.

We were honored to recently host the legendary Kathleen Turner (Romancing The Stone, Peggy Sue Got Married, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and so many more) for a recorded interview with Crooked Media last week. The conversation was recorded locally by Dubway’s Violette Furton, and should be forthcoming on one of Crooked Media’s many podcasts. You’ll have to pay attention to find out which one!

7ate9 Entertainment enters pre-production at Dubway Studios

LA media company 7ate9 Entertainment visited Dubway recently to begin work on a potential project with Netflix. We can’t say anything about the project yet, but we’re excited to host and provide recording services to such an esteemed company!

Some of 7ate9’s most notable projects include Samurai Jack, The Powerpuff Girls Movie,The People Speak, and Revenge Of The Green Dragons. Stay tuned for more information!

PTSD VR training game for therapists records voice over with actor James Penca

Actor James Penca.

Actor James Penca.

NYC actor James Penca stopped into our studios last month to record a set of voice over lines for an interesting upcoming project. The final work will be a VR training game for therapists that helps to teach them how to care for patients managing PTSD. Recording voice over for VR, or any video game, is an always-interesting endeavor, as it requires an extremely dry, clear recording that will be later manipulated in real-time in the game engine for realistic spatial effects. Dubway’s Pascal McGilvray-Guard ran the control room on this recording. We’re hopeful that this project can help coach therapists to better treat those struggling with PTSD!

Lion TV's "Lies That Bind" shoots on-location with Dubway

Dubway’s location sound services team recently got the chance to head to Lion TV’s NYC studio to record on-set interviews for their crime recreation TV series Lies That Bind, on Investigation Discovery. Dubway’s leading location sound engineer Zac Suskevich was on-set to handle the recording, which took place in and around their downtown offices in Manhattan.

We’re honored to work closely with Lion TV on a number of shows and look forward to the next one! You can catch their work on Investigation Discovery’s website or TV channel.

Dubway post-produces sound for upcoming film "Mott Haven"

Mott Haven, an upcoming film starring Chuck Zito (Sons of Anarchy), Robert Davi (Die Hard, License To Kill), and Deborah Green (The Post), has been at Dubway for the past few months, hard at work on the full audio post-production of the feature film.

Under the post-production supervision of Dubway’s Al Houghton, the sound design, ambience backfill, and dialogue editing has been tackled by a team of in-house engineers, with Mike Mazzotta handling video editing and color grade by Nicole Benoit. Nathaniel Reichman is scheduled to do the final re-record mixing before the film goes out.

Mott Haven is produced by Park Avenue to Park Bench, directed by Michael Domino, and co-written by both Michael Domino and Robert Mladinich. There’s no release date scheduled yet, but the film is in the final push of post-production, and should be coming soon!

Salman Rushdie transfers 78 record, "Anna Livia Plurabelle"

James Joyce

James Joyce

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie

Writer and novelist Salman Rushdie sent us an interesting project recently in the form of an old 78RPM record of 20th century Irish author James Joyce reading “Anna Livia Plurabelle”, an excerpt of what would later become the famously experimental and tricky novel Finnegan’s Wake.

78s have a long and interesting history that can impact how they get transferred, and this 78, while in pristine condition, was no exception. Dubway’s Louis Fisher managed the conversion to digital, which took several passes, and still “had no idea what [Joyce] was saying on the recording”.

Go pick up a copy of Finnegan’s Wake at your local library to see what Louis is talking about, and if you have old shellac discs lying around you’d like to listen to without degrading the material, give us a call.

Teddy Atlas records and edits audiobook of "Atlas" at Dubway

teddy atlas web.jpg

Legendary boxing trainer Teddy Atlas has been hard at work with a dedicated crew of Dubway engineers, lead by Louis Fisher, on an audiobook version of his autobiography Atlas: From The Streets To The Ring: A Son’s Struggle To Become A Man.

teddy atlas book.jpg

The voiceover for the audiobook is being recorded personally by Atlas, and the editing is being done in-house by the Dubway team. The audiobook doesn’t have a release date yet, but the hardcopy was published in 2006 and is widely available online from book resellers. We look forward to hearing the finished version of this remarkable story!

Louis Fisher, center left, with boxing trainer Teddy Atlas, center right.

Louis Fisher, center left, with boxing trainer Teddy Atlas, center right.

Crossover Media records radio interviews with Anthony McGill, Anna Shelest

LEFT: Pascal McGilvray-Guard, Dubway’s engineer for both of the sessions, with clarinetist Anthony McGill. ABOVE: Pianist Anna Shelest in the booth.

LEFT: Pascal McGilvray-Guard, Dubway’s engineer for both of the sessions, with clarinetist Anthony McGill. ABOVE: Pianist Anna Shelest in the booth.

Crossover Media, a classical music media and consulting company, hosted another two rounds of high profile interviews with the supremely gifted Anthony McGill (principal clarinet, NY Philharmonic) and Anna Shelest (piano, soloist with many top symphony orchestras worldwide). Dubway’s Pascal McGilvray-Guard took the helm on these records, in which Dubway calls into radio stations on a tight schedule and records the phone call with the radio host via a phone patch, with the talent locally in our New York studios. It’s an honor to have these virtuosos in the studio, and we hope to host them again soon.

Block & Lot shoots video podcast in the Mezzanine

If you follow us on Instagram (@dubwaystudios), you know we love working with Brian Meier’s podcast, Block & Lot. Brian recently sat down in the Mezzanine studio with our engineer Pascal McGilvray-Guard for a recording of the show, featuring a video team for a multimedia-style podcast. In additional to sounding good, our live room enjoys the luxury of looking good too – helpful for any video project you may need a flexible space for.

Episodes are available on all major podcasting platforms, and congrats to the team on another successful recording.

Brian, right, and a guest in our Mezzanine studio.

Brian, right, and a guest in our Mezzanine studio.

New podcast from Jigsaw Productions

Major production house Jigsaw Productions has been working on a new podcast with Dubway engineer Violette Furton. The podcast is still in production but it promises to be extremely interesting work of the caliber of the rest of Jigsaw’s roster (recent productions include The Inventor; Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat; and The Looming Tower, among many others).

The show is being executive produced by Ellen Horne (of Radiolab fame) and includes interviews with major media figures… we can’t say much other than that, but we’re excited for the drop. Stay tuned!

MAP produces interview with Dennis Freedman

Creative director and major contributor to the world of fashion Dennis Freedman sat down at Dubway recently to be interviewed on record by writer, DJ, and artist Shirine Saad. We were honored to have them both in the studio! Dennis Freedman, best known as the editor of W magazine and the creative director at Barney’s, has produced product launches and photoshoots for major fashion brands worldwide.

In the session, engineered by Dubway’s Violette Furton, these two luminaries discussed art, fashion, and their careers. The entire project is produced and directed by photographer Caroline Washburn, of MAP.

From left: Violette Furton, Dennis Freedman, and Shirine Saad.

From left: Violette Furton, Dennis Freedman, and Shirine Saad.

"Ruff Night" premiers at NYC Downtown Short Film Festival

Jono Freedrix’s short film Ruff Night premiers tomorrow night, and has just been officially accepted into the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival! Dubway was responsible for both the production audio at the shoot, and the audio post (staff engineer Louis Fisher.)

The premier can be attended by members of the public; you can find tickets here. If you’re interested in attending, get them soon – it’s a small theater and a great short, expect it to sell out.

Congratulations to everyone involved, and best of luck in upcoming festivals!

Ruff Night - NYC film fest.jpg

New podcast from Jacqueline Strayer starts work at Dubway


President and founder of The Sound Advisory Group Jacqueline Strayer has chosen Dubway as her home away from home for work on her new podcast “Women You Should Know”. Strayer has been recording interviews and mixing the podcast alongside Dubway engineer Keenan DuBois.

While the podcast is still in production, you can expect to hear guests like Lidia Bastianich (Lidia’s Italy) in early episodes, interviewed thoughtfully by Strayer about their lives and careers. Don’t miss it!

"Hear To Slay" with Roxane Gay

Luminary’s “Hear To Slay” podcast, hosted by Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom, recorded a new episode in our Main Floor facility. The recording was engineered by Dubway’s Zac Suskevich.

Gay’s guest for the episode was author Elaine Welteroth, the former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue and a judge on Project Runway, whose new book More Than Enough was recently released.

You can listen to the show exclusively on Luminary – check it out here.

Roxane Gay, Zac Suskevich, and Elaine Welteroth, set to record.

Roxane Gay, Zac Suskevich, and Elaine Welteroth, set to record.

"Merging Futures"

Lee Kuczewski in the Blue Room, pre-record.

Lee Kuczewski in the Blue Room, pre-record.

Lee Kuczewski’s (pictured left) Merging Futures podcast covers science, technology, and arts, but focuses in on the people working at the intersection of all three. The podcast records from Dubway Studios with our engineer Pascal McGilvray-Guard.

Merging Futures films their episodes and chooses to record in the control room, rather than the sound room, for this purpose. All our rooms are acoustically treated, and our ProTools machines can be remotely monitored and controlled, so if your next project includes filming, give us a call!