Audio Post

Sound design, Foley

Dubway hosts a legion of creatives who are deep into designing the most original and atmospheric sonic experiences, be it for film, video games, animation, TV shows, commercials... Resources at their disposal include a massive sound effects library, geeky sound synthesizers, state-of-the-art digital processing, and three recording suites for foley and other enhancements.


The basic requirements for your mixing experience are three: technical expertise, a tuned sonic environment to work in, and sensitivity to your director’s vision. Welcome to Dubway. Clients love our mixers, and our mix rooms - including one dedicated to 5.1 surround sound. Our experience with mixing for TV, internet, DVD, and theatrical release ensures great quality, no matter the format.  For theater releases we also have access to the best Dolby® certified facilities in the city.

Dialog edit

  • Editing dialog for TV and film is an unsung art, and is central to a great sounding production. Judicious processing of location recordings and application of advanced noise suppression software have enabled our engineers to exhume the best quality from some of the worst raw audio data. Dubway’s experience in location recording gives us an overarching understanding of dialog mix issues.
  • When all else fails, ADR (dubbing) facilities are available to save the day.
  • As with other post services, a director’s participation from afar is possible via ISDN, Source Connect, and Skype technologies.

Music composition / scoring > Rhumba

Dubway works in conjunction with awarding winning composers whose work has been featured on TV shows, features, and indy films. Our sister enterprise, Rhumba Recorders, specializes in composition for animation and advertising. Several of our creative post staff are musicians in their own right. Music is a natural facet of our sensibility. In instances where live ensembles are required for the music, Dubway can hire session musicians and produce large ensemble recordings, if necessary.