Dubway digitizes Philippe Halsman's collection of personal recordings


Dubway’s Merter Yildirim has been busy at work digitizing the personal recording collection of famed photogropher Philippe Halsman, whose work includes some of the most striking portraiture of the 20th century. Halsman was an avid recordist, and the large collection of reel-to-reel tapes and acetates includes a mixture of recorded lectures, home recordings, and conversations with other artists, friends, and family.

Philippe’s grandson Oliver Halsman Rosenberg will be using the archived recordings as part of an upcoming biopic project on his grandfather’s life and work.

Merter’s digitizing process for this project has been multi-format, and has given him the opportunity to use a variety of Dubway’s digitizing technology and devices, which include machines by Studer, Teac, Otari, and more. For a complete list, visit our Main Floor Equipment page.