Maria Geyman and Liza Roeckl's podcast "Funny Feelings", recorded at Dubway.

We’ve had an amazing time working with local wellness and culture podcast Funny Feelings on their first season! The podcast is hosted by Maria Geyman, a naturopathic doctor, and Liza Roeckle, a healer, and it’s all about wellness – often by way of a great linuep of visiting interviewees and personalities. The guests so far have included Emily Meade (The Deuce, Law & Order: SVU) and Lena Dunham (Girls) and are sure to stay interesting in the coming weeks!

Our sessions for Funny Feelings were engineered by Pascal McGilvray-Guard and Burgess Carleton, with Matthias Roeckl producing for the podcast team. Sessions were recorded in our New York studios and on location with our production rig.

You can find more about the podcast on their website.