VO for Eventbox's "Tom & Jerry: Live"


This week, Dubway engineer Zac Suskevich worked with producers from Eventbox to record voice-overs for Tom & Jerry: Live!

Eventbox, based in Dubai, produces live children's shows for theaters in the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. With guidance from Warner Bros., their latest show Tom & Jerry Live, is a global collaboration with its creative producer from London (Lianne Bruce), costume designer in Australia (Johnathon Gowlland/Sparklight), musical director in Lebanon (Walid Sarouh), sound engineer in Serbia (Stefan Djinovic) and Antoinette DiPietropolo directing the voice talent here in NYC.

Zac has been working closely with Antoinette and her lively cast of actors and actresses, Skyping in with the other members of this production, working remotely from across the globe.

Tom & Jerry Live is a stage adaptation of Warner Bros.' classic TV show, Tom & Jerry, about two kids who bicker and fight, after playing a Tom & Jerry video game, enter the game and find themselves in the world of the crazy characters.