'Season Isle' on Panoply's Pinna!

This autumn, Panoply launched a new subscription app for kids, Pinna, which The New York Times calls "a digital toy box full of ad-free audio for listeners 4-12.” Along with Remy's Place, Dubway has been working closely with the podcast network on the production of Season Isle. The series is now available for listening on the Pinna app.


Produced by Rhumba Recorders and recorded at Dubway Studios, Season Isle is a highly produced 20-episode radio play, complete with scoring and intensive sound design. Rhumba cast and directed the talent as well as the scoring and audio post.

Premiering this autumn, the fantasy audio series Season Isle releases one episode each day.
The thrilling story surrounds 10-year-old twins, Juniper and Zephyr Hillhouse, and their adventures on Season Isle. "This enchanting island is divided into four seasons, and sometimes a problem arising in one season can only be solved with assistance from another season. In these moments of need, the denizens of Season Isle turn to the center of the island for help. There live The Twins and their guardian, House on the Hill, an animate, magical house. Will Juniper and Zeph be able to help the seasons find harmony?"