Film mix for "Angel of Nanjing" and "Collegetown"


We recently finished working on the mix for "Angel of Nanjing." The film premiered at the Phoenix Film Festival where it won for best documentary and the first ever Sidney K. Shapiro Humanitarian Award. It also won best documentary at the Roving Eye Film Festival, the Long Island International Film Expo, and Catalina Film Festival. In addition, it won the 1st Place Humanitarian Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize at the Montelupo Fiorintino International Independent Film Festival.

"Angel of Nanjing" is about a man named Chen Si, who has been patrolling the Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing, China for the past 11 years. The bridge is the most popular place in the world to commit suicide. Incredibly, Chen Si's efforts to patrol the bridge and provide aid for those who've gone there to end their lives have resulted in saving 300 lives since he began - nearly one every two weeks. For more information about the film and where to see it, check out the site at

We also recently finished the mix for the film "Collegetown." The film investigates college culture in the US and dissects the social and financial factors that determine career choices made by graduates. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!