Cerberus Rex: An Audio Adventure on Sci-Fi.com


Last autumn, Dubway Studios facilitated the principal dialogue recording for new radio play Cerberus Rex, in which engineer Adrian Thorstensen recorded six voice actors simultaneously in the Mezzanine Studio's Live Room. Thorstensen also worked on the final mix earlier this summer.

CERBERUS REX, written and produced by Jason Hardcastle at Heorot Media, is an hour-and-a-half long science fiction audio adventure:

"Dr. Anabela Correia, a professor of astrophysics at Hawksmoor University, travels upon request by a former colleague to Well Station, a research facility performing experiments on a mystery of physics in an underground cave.  A natural explorer, Ana rushes to view the phenomenon first-hand and, accompanied by Well Station Security/Containment Officer Benjamin Wyngarde, is soon staring down at a marvel hidden deep. Then... not so deep."

Available for high-quality download and free streaming on Sci-Fi.com.