'Bravo Tango Brain Training' - a meditation app for Veterans by NatGeo and 360i

Bravo Tango

National Geographic and 360i teamed up together to create Bravo Tango Brain Training, a meditation app designed specifically for veterans.

Dubway Studios facilitated the recording and post mix for the audio in the app, as well as hired the voice actor for the guided meditation.

Former Air Force Psychologist and combat veteran Dr. Michael Valdovinos says "Many veterans are hesitant to try meditation and mindfulness because of societal stereotypes it carries in our community. In my practice, however, I’ve found meditation, mindfulness and voice therapy to be highly effective in reducing stress, refining focus and raising optimism. Bravo Tango Brain Training is a bridge to seeking help and brings a unique approach directly to the veteran community where we feel safest: our homes."