For decades, Dubway Studios has been respected in the broadcast, film, internet and music industries as an indispensable resource for audio post, studio, and location recording services.

Audio Post

Sound design, Foley

Dubway hosts a legion of creatives (hyperlink to Creatives page) who are deep into designing the most original and atmospheric sonic experiences, be it for film, video games, animation, TV shows, commercials... Resources at their disposal include a massive sound effects library, geeky sound synthesisers, state-of-the-art digital processing, and three recording suites for foley and other enhancements.

Examples: reel of combined sound designers (SS, KR, indy SD’s)

Examples: movie of portfolio highlights: Gary Null, Knock Knock, Drop City, KR’s phone (Kyocera?), Amnesty Int’l, Home Front, East WillyB


The basic requirements of your re-recording experience (mixer?) are three: technical expertise, a tuned sonic environment to work in, and sensitivity to your director’s vision. Welcome to Dubway. Clients love our mixers. And our mix rooms (including one dedicated to 5.1 surround sound). Our experience with mixing for tv, internet, dvd, and theatrical release ensures great quality, no matter the format.  For theatre releases we also have access to the best dolby certified facilities in the city.

Examples: Bubble Guppies, WallyKazam!, Odd Squad, Gary Null, True Delta, EWB

Dialog edit

  • Editing dialog for tv and film is an unsung art, and is central to a great sounding production. Judicious processing of location recordings and application of advanced noise suppression software have enabled our engineers to exhume the best quality for some of the worst raw audio data. And Dubway’s experience in location recording gives us an overarching understanding of dialog mix issues.
  • When all else fails, ADR (dubbing) facilities are available to save the day.
  • As with other post services, a director’s participation from afar is possible via ISDN, Source Connect, and Skype technologies.

Examples: Mama, Canadian film, British TV, Drop City, Gary Null, Backyardigans, Bubble Guppies, Wallykazam!, EastWillyB

Music composition / scoring > Rhumba

Dubway works in conjunction with awarding winning composers whose work has been featured on TV shows, features, and indy films. Our sister enterprise, Rhumba Recorders, specializes in composition for animation and advertising. Several of our creative post staff are musicians in their own right. Music is a natural facet of aspect of our sensibility. In instances where live ensembles are required to record the music, Dubway can hire session musicians and produce large ensemble recordings, if necessary.



Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the premier studios for voiceover and ADR in New York City, our work having been featured on NPR, PBS, A&E, and Nickelodeon’s Emmy Award Winning shows, and numerous films. Our new facilities have been designed with these services in mind, with three voiceover rooms of varying size, any or all of which can be connected to three control rooms. Video between all rooms keeps everyone visually connected.

Clients include TV shows, video games, audio books, advertising spots, language testing, and speech software development.   

Scoring - Tracking Music to Picture

Remote Recording

Remote participation in recording sessions at Dubway is possible via ISDN, Source Connect, and Skype technologies. Direct your talent from afar.

Examples: audio books, advertising, films, Nick Jr., Odd Squad?,

Location Production Audio

Dubway will supply a seasoned A1 and a great rig for your location shoot. But we’ve stretched beyond that, developing an enhanced production package based on a team of location audio pros, to address a producer’s concerns directly

Relief for the location TV/film shoot producer

A single call to Dubway insures:

  • Availability: We have an in-house team of vetted sound mixers. We make a point to always have one available.
  • Coverage: Over the course of a long-term shoot, we’ll manage the staffing and scheduling. We’ll have it covered every single day.
  • Continuity – When it comes to post, a seamless transition from the field makes for smooth sailing. Let our post team pick up where the location crew leaves off, and Dubway assumes full accountability for the audio, throughout the entire production. This is a producer's dream!

Next time you are combing through your contacts for a sound mixer, call Dubway Studios, and make it just one call.

Location Equip List

Examples: Brooklyn 11223, Ish Entertainment, PBS, Lydia’s Italy, A&E, …

Additional projects include speaking engagements, symposiums, and interviews for radio, television, and webcast.

Signatory Status, Talent

Dubway is authorized to contract AFTRA/SAG union talent. We are prepared to produce sessions and content, from talent audition and direction to music needledrops and mix for broadcast.

Photo: VO talent

Other Services

Media Transfer       

Dubway has been charged with restoring, digitizing, and archiving many older sources of audio, from analog reel to reel tapes from the ‘50’s and '60's, 2" multi-track tapes from the '70's, 80's, and 90's, and vinyl records. Often, the noise on the original media can be reduced through application of digital noise filtration after the transfer. In addition, we've transferred many digital audio tapes directly into audio files for easier access with current software platforms.

We can transfer your recordings from almost any media: vinyl, cassette, 2" 24 track, 1/2" 8 track or 2 track, 1/4" 4 track or 2 track, DAT, DA88, 16 or 20 bit ADAT, CD, all digital file formats (wav, SDII, MP3, aiff), Logic Audio, or ProTools.

Tape Baking & Audio Restoration

Bring us your old analog recordings and we will bring them back to life! As you may know, analog tape starts to deteriorate after about 10 years. The binder loosens up and literally sheds off the tape, destroying your recording. Through a process called 'tape baking' we can render your tapes playable again. We then can make a digital or analog transfer of the original material, thus preserving your work for future generations to hear!   

Graphic: old reel to reels, cassettes, vinyl….