Dubway Studios has a team of sound mixers for location recording of New York film and video shoots.

Location Audio

With over seventeen years in location audio recording, Dubway always has a seasoned A1 with a great rig for your shoot. But we’ve stretched beyond that, developing an enhanced production package based on a team of location audio pros, to address a producer’s concerns directly:

Relief for the location TV/film shoot producer

A single call to Dubway insures:

  • Availability: We have an in-house team of vetted sound mixers. We make a point to always have one available.
  • Coverage: Over the course of a long-term shoot, we’ll manage the staffing and scheduling to insure you're covered every single day. 
  • Continuity: When it comes to post, a seamless transition from the field makes for smooth sailing.
  • Accountability: Let our post team pick up where the location crew leaves off, and have Dubway assume full accountability for the audio - throughout the entire production. This is a producer's dream!

Next time you're combing through your contacts for a sound mixer, make it just one call: Dubway Studios.


    Additional projects include speaking engagements, symposiums, and interviews for radio, television, and webcast.

    Location Equipment List

    High quality location equipment includes:

    • Sound Devices 788T (Digital Multitrack Recorder) with CL-8 Mixer
    • Denecke SB-T Trilevel Syncboxes
    • Lectrosonics Wireless Mic Channels
    • Sanken COS Lavalier Microphones
    • Sennheiser MKH416-P48 Shotgun Mic