VO for online course 'Real World Playbook'

Real World Playbook

Real World Playbook

We've had the pleasure of working with Real World Playbook to record voice-over material for their online course.

Real World Playbook, founded in 2016 by lawyer and Princeton graduate Genevieve Ryan, is an online resource to help recent college graduates and twenty-somethings acclimate to the real world. Their millennial-centric educational programming, tools, and resources help recent graduates thrive throughout the real world transition and beyond, covering areas in finance, health, living, work, and government.

Branded as "the GPS for Adulthood," RWP's innovative online course, 'Real World Ready,' uses millennial-centric videos and quizzes to help college seniors seamlessly transition into life after graduation.

We love what these folks are doing! Explore Real World Playbook online via their website: www.realworldplaybook.com