Season Isle and Remy's Place awarded by Parents' Choice Awards!

We are very delighted to share the news that Rhumba-produced children's podcast, Season Isle and Remy's Place have been given recognition by the highly-acclaimed Parents' Choice Awards!

Season Isle has been awarded a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award (Category: Audio, Subcategory: Storytelling); and Remy's Place has been awarded a Parents' Choice Recommended Award (Category: Audio, Subcategory: Music).

John Angier, who has composed music for over 30 television series including The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yugioh, Bubble Guppies, Speed Racer The Next Generation, and Sonic X composed a highly orchestrated score for Season Isle, while Mike Rubin/Richard Julian has a star studded crew of musicians (including Norah Jones) for the live-band based, Rhumba production of Remy's Place.

The two podcasts can be found and heard exclusively on Panoply's children's podcast division, Pinna Audio.

Congratulations to everyone involved on all the hard work and creative energy put into these shows!