'Remy's Place' featured on Pinna, Panoply's new children's app


This month, the podcast network Panoply launched a new subscription app for kids, Pinna, which The New York Times calls "a digital toy box full of ad-free audio for listeners 4-12.”

Over the last few months, Dubway has been working closely with the podcast network on two of the new Rhumba-produced series. One of the audio series, Remy's Place, a musical narrative, is now available for listening on the Pinna app, with new episodes releasing weekly.


Conceived, written, and produced by Rhumba Recorders co-owner Michael Rubin with singer-songwriter Richard Julian, Remy's Place is a highly sound-designed, sonic extravaganza centered around a child, Remy, who grows up in a music café that his parents named after him. 

Music features some of the best jazz players in New York City (Norah Jones, Tony Scherr, Tony Mason, Henry Butler, Matthew Munesteri, Noé Socha, Kenny Wollesen, Roy Nathanson) and was recorded live in the Mezzanine studio. Remy's Place's production adheres to Rhumba's axiom that kids programming and music should be enjoyable by all ages.