"Poetics" podcast with Omari Hardwick


The “Poetics” podcast, which features interviews and original poetry from the major players in hip hop, has been recording many of its episodes at Dubway studios in recent months.

Dubway engineer Zac Suskevich has been handling these recordings, which often include a film crew, several producers, and the guest artist. All of our Control Rooms can be remotely operated and paired with any of our Sound Rooms, and “Poetics” often records in the Control Room to get better footage, with Zac monitoring the record remotely.

“Poetics” is only on Luminary, and new episodes can be found here. You can find “Poetics” on Instagram as well for news, behind the scenes pictures, and more, at @poeticspodcast and @hearluminary. This podcast gets amazing talent (see picture below) to dive deep into word craft – check it out!