'Olfactory' Premieres Online

Last year, Dubway had the opportunity to produce the audio — location recording, ADR, foley, SFX, mixing — for Christopher Piazza's short film, Olfactory. The film won 'Best Dramatic Short film at the Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest last November, and we're happy to share its official online release today ! Watch Olfactory in its entirety here: http://filmshortage.com/dailyshortpicks/olfactory/

Olfactory is a dramatic sci-fi short film about memories and how they never leave us. In the film, “Olfactory” is a system that allows users to re-experience memories. Brian, an app programmer, hacks the system so he can alter his memories, but in doing so, he loses his grip on his current reality.

Olfactory was co-written and directed by Christopher Piazza. It is based on a short story of the same name by Lucas Kane. The film stars Kieran Mulcare (Jessica JonesGotham), Alison Barton (Master of NoneFriends from College) and Molly Camp (High MaintenanceThe Good Wife).