Jason Silva recording VO for National Geographic's "Origins"

TV personality Jason Silva was in studio recording voice-over for Origins: The Journey Of HumankindNational Geographic's newest show to air on March 6th.

Jason Silva is a media artist, public speaker and filmmaker focusing on philosophy, science and art. He created the web series Shots of Awe which has been viewed over 13 million times, and is the Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic's hit TV series Brain Games.

Hosted by Silva, Origins is a new series on National Geographic that "rewinds all the way back to the beginning and traces the innovations that made us modern."

Watch the official trailer below.

Music/Post Mix for One Republic's Artists Den performance


Another one for the books! Dubway's own Chris Montgomery engineered the music mix for another installment of the Live From the Artists Den series – this time for popular rock band OneRepublic's performance at Park City Live in Park City, UT.

OneRepublic is an American rock group from Colorado Springs, CO lead by major hit pop songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder. The group is acclaimed for producing smash singles after smash singles in popular music, including "Apologize," "All The Right Moves," "Secrets," "Good Life," and "If I Lose Myself." Their latest album Oh My My was released in the fall of 2016 and debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.

Live recording and Post Mix for Lady Antebellum's Artists Den performance

Lady Antebellum performing at United Palace Theater for "Live From The Artists Den"

Lady Antebellum performing at United Palace Theater for "Live From The Artists Den"

Engineer Sam Palumbo preparing the audio recording for the interview portion of the episode

Engineer Sam Palumbo preparing the audio recording for the interview portion of the episode

This February, Dubway had the pleasure of providing the audio recording for another installment of the Live from Artists Den series. Engineers Sam Palumbo and Bea Go went to the majestic United Palace Theatre in Washington Heights, NY to record seven-time Grammy-award winning group Lady Antebellum's performance and interview. Dubway engineer Chris Montgomery is mixing the music for the episode.

The Artists Den is a critically acclaimed television and digital music series best known for presenting small, secret concerts by extraordinary artists in non-traditional, often historic settings for the TV broadcast. Live from the Artists Den is broadcasted nationally on public television, and internationally in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, Israel, and Latin America. Dubway has recorded and mixed audio for the series' previous episodes featuring Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, The Killers, Marina and the Diamonds, and Sara Bareilles.

Lady Antebellum's interview took place in the lobby of United Palace.

Lady Antebellum's interview took place in the lobby of United Palace.

Lady Antebellum, the country trio based in Nashville, TN, has sold more than 18 million album worldwide, earned six PLATINUM singles, nine chart topping hits and countless other awards including Billboard Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards, while also taking home ACM and CMA "Vocal Group of the Year” trophies three years in a row. Their upcoming album Heart Break is due for June 9th of this year.

Stay tuned for the release of this episode in 2017.

Surround Mix for David Lang's "the public domain" at Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart Festival


Dubway's Nathaniel Reichman worked on the surround mix for the performance of David Lang's "the public domain" commissioned by Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart Festival

"the public domain" is a performance piece written by Pulitzer-Prize winning composer David Lang, performed by the public on August 13, 2016 at Lincoln Center's Josie Robertson Plaza. Inspired by "the theme of the collective knowledge shared amongst us all," the event brought 3,000 volunteer amateur vocalists together on a hot summer day to perform this piece, conducted by Simon Halsey, Choral Director of the London Symphony Orchestra, The video of the Mostly Mozart Presentation went live on PBS on Friday, February 3rd as part of the network's Live From Lincoln Center program.

ADR session for Amazon Prime TV's "Just Add Magic"


This week, actress Kirrilee Berger came to the studio for an ADR session, on the new Amazon Prime TV Series, Just Add MagicKirrilee also does voice-over work for Nick Jr.'s Butterbean.

Just Add Magic is a half-hour children's series about three girls who discover a mysterious cookbook whose recipes are far from ordinary – they're magical. Based on the popular book of the same title by Cindy Callaghan, the series follows the three girls as they attempt to use the recipes to release their grandmother from a powerful curse. The series is available on Amazon Prime TV.

Penguin Random House recording audiobook with Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew.jpg

Kate Mulgrew, popularly known for her roles as "Red" in the hit Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black and Janet Elridge on Cheers, was in studio to lend her voice to record the audiobook for The Girl from the Metropol Hotel: Growing Up in Communist Russia, a memoir by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, to be published by Penguin Random House in February. The session was engineered by Sam Palumbo and directed by Paula Parker.

VO recording for CBBC's "Officially Amazing"

Dubway engineer Adrian Thorstensen recently engineered a VO recording for CBBC's television show, Officially Amazing. The session involved recording Al Jackson in NYC, with directors at Crow TV studios in London, via an ISDN connection.


Officially Amazing, now in its sixth season, is a television show airing on CBBC, showcasing "officially amazing" people trying to break world records across the globe. CBBC is a British children's television network (formerly Children's BBC) aimed for older children between the ages 6 and 12.

'Olfactory' selected for Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

Last year, Dubway had the opportunity to produce the audio — location recording, ADR, foley, SFX, mixing — for Christopher Piazza's short film, Olfactory.

The science fiction drama surrounds an experimental product "Olfactory" that allows users to re-experience memories, starring Kieran Mulcare, Alison Barton and Molly Camp.

Olfactory was recently selected as an official entry to be screened at the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival in February.

Watch a 30-second trailer of the science fiction drama, written and directed by Christopher Piazza, below.


Christopher Piazza is a director and camera operator in New York City, whose notable works include commercials for Volkswagen, DirecTV, Nike, Pandora Radio, and many other brands. As a camera operator, Piazza has worked alongside Dubway on the Live From The Artists Den series, as well as operating for the Governor's Ball, Coachella, and Bonnaroo festivals for acts like Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen. His work can be found via Panopticon NYC.

Audiobook recording for Simon & Schuster's "The Girl From Venice" Audiobook by Martin Cruz Smith

Last fall, the novel and audiobook for Simon & Schuster's The Girl From Venice by Martin Cruz Smith was published and released. The audiobook was recorded at Dubway Studios last summer by engineers Sam Palumbo and Zac Suskevich, read by Zach Appelman and directed by Tara Thomas.

The Girl From Venice is a novel in the historical fiction genre from the New York Times bestselling author Martin Cruz Smith, set against the dangers of Italy in World War II as a young couple must outrun the Nazis to protect their forbidden love.

Audiobook recording for Simon & Schuster: "Nothing Short of Dying" by Erik Storey


Last summer, the novel and audiobook for Simon & Schuster's Nothing Short of Dying by Erik Storey was published and released for purchase. The audiobook was recorded at Dubway Studios last summer by engineers Sam Palumbo and Stephen Kurpis, read by Jeremy Bobb and directed by Tara Thomas.

Nothing Short of Dying is a novel in the thriller genre that features a drifter with lethal skills, whose mission to rescue his abducted sister pits him against a ruthless meth kingpin and his army of killers.

Simon and Schuster is a major international publishing company founded in 1924, whose titles are published globally, and its products — of bestselling and critically acclaimed fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages and every taste — are distributed in more than 200 countries around the world.

Geek Out with Nathaniel - Episode 7: Control Surfaces (and their history)


A long time ago, Avid (then called Digidesign), allowed 3rd-party MIDI control surfaces to move the faders and the pans in Pro Tools. JL Cooper made a bunch of these surfaces. They were awful. Shortly after, Mackie and Digidesign collaborated on an improved system that used MIDI in a smarter way, called HUI. HUI is still in use today, and is the main way that 3rd-party companies make controllers for Pro Tools (SSL, Tascam, etc.). But MIDI is awful, and Digidesign then built their first serious control surface, ProControl. ProControl looked and felt like a real board, and used a proprietary language over ethernet called DigiNet. DigiNet powered ProControl, Control | 24, C24, and all the ICON boards like D-Command and D-Control. For the small-budget crowd, they made Command|8 , Digi 002 and 003 all of which use MIDI in a smart way like HUI. 

When Avid purchased Euphonix, they got something special, EuCon. EuCon was the only serious competitor to DigiNet at the time. Avid promptly ended development for DigiNet and put all their resources into EuCon. The Artist series (we have an Artist Mix and Artist Control), MC Pro, Pro Tools | Dock, S3 (picture below), S5, and S6 are all built on EuControl. And EuControl is compatible with Logic, Nuendo and Pro Tools (and many more apps, too).

With Pro Tools 12, Avid released a free iPad app, Pro Tools | Control. This uses EuCon over Wi-Fi (or via the Lightning port) and is incredibly useful.

Avid's Pro Tools | Control for iPad.

Avid's Pro Tools | Control for iPad.

So that’s history. Here’s the lesson: EuControl uses ethernet and/or Wi-Fi and looks on the network for all available EuCon devices. Go to “EuCon Settings” in the menubar and you can see a window where you can grab any available surfaces on the network. When you move the Artist Mix and Control from room to room, remember the following:

Artist Mix and Artist Control plug into the ethernet switch (small black box), and the third cable on the switch goes to the Mac. All of our Mac Pro’s have (2) ethernet ports, and they automatically recognize that our LAN and the internet is on one port, and EuControl is on the other port. Ports are interchangeable. If you have time, fire up the controllers and experiment. It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of using only the mouse with Pro Tools. As soon as you break that habit, you’ll discover all the fast and intuitive ways you can run a session and shape sounds with a surface.

Take a look at Avid’s current line-up. These surfaces range in price from almost free to over $100k (!).

Vocal recording for Paul Schrader's upcoming film 'First Reformed'

Last week, Dubway engineer Zac Suskevich recorded singer Julia Murney for Paul Schrader's newest film First Reformed

Paul Schrader, Zac Suskevich, Julia Murney and Jake Falconer at Dubway Studios.

Paul Schrader, Zac Suskevich, Julia Murney and Jake Falconer at Dubway Studios.

First Reformed is a new indie thriller by writer-director Paul Schrader produced by Arclight Films and Killer Films. It follows a former military chaplain (Ethan Hawke), who struggles with his faith after the loss of his son. He befriends a parishioner of his Church (Amanda Seyfried) whose husband is a radical environmentalist, and discovers "his church's complicity with unscrupulous corporations."

Paul Schrader, an American screenwriter, film director and film critic popularly known for writing and co-writing screenplays for Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, attended the singing session for First Reformed.

ADR via Source Connect with Piste Rouge in Paris

One of the services we offer at Dubway Studios is the option to record in collaboration with remote studios. We do this by using Source Connect, an industry-standard remote-recording solution for audio recording and monitoring needs. With Source Connect, Dubway is able to access thousands of studios and talent world-wide with secure, reliable connections over the internet.

This week, engineer Adrian Thorstensen had an ADR session with post-production studio Piste Rouge in Paris, France, with the voice talent in our New York City studio. Piste Rouge is tasked with audio post for this project, a web series destined for television.

Production Audio and VO for "Six Degrees of Murder"


Zac on set of Six Degrees of Murder.

This fall, Dubway engineer Zac Suskevich recorded audio on set of Investigation Discovery's Six Degrees of MurderDubway is also providing the voice-over recordings for the program in studio.

Produced by LION TV, Six Degrees of Murder is a true-crime series that explores "a closer look at murder investigations that required law enforcement to untangle a complicated web of relationships in order to uncover the truth." The television program is broadcast on the network Investigation Discovery, with new episodes on Wednesdays at 10/9c. 

VO for MarcoPolo Learning - "The Polos"

The voice of Nash at Dubway Studios

The voice of Nash at Dubway Studios

This week, Dubway worked on voice-over recordings for The Polos, the new children's short-form series by kids media company MarcoPolo Learning

The show is based on MarcoPolo's game characters, now starring in a new medium of video shorts for mobile platforms. Aimed for kids 3-7 years old, the shorts star "four familiar characters — Willow the bunny, Chester the deer, Nash the baby ram and Gorby the hippo — along with newcomers Marco the bear and Lily the Tiger as they emerge from their mobile devices to see the real versions of the things they’ve learned about in the app games. The quirky group of friends, just as relatable and flawed as real kids, are on an epic road trip to learn all they can about the natural world. The series blends animation and HD live footage."